These pieces are inspired by the landscape around me and the yearning to create something out of nothing.

The native woven baskets -
whether coil woven, random weave or traditional woven are all unique and their shape and possible use tends to come to me as I weave them. 

The waterproof paperbark dishes -
can be used for displaying kokedama or your jewellery or perhaps a simple flower floating in it on your desk.

The waterproof cocoon vases -
are remniscent of a caddis fly cocoon and are perfect for displaying a bunch of wild flowers found on your next walk.

The moss rocks -
are inspired by my childhood in New Zealand and are designed to grow in to become one mossy rock of lushness.

The skull eggs -
and other egg carvings developed after I was starting to work with hen and quail eggs. Turning the egg on its end lent itself to the shape of a head - at least I thought so! Copyright in place for these fragile bundles.

All are entirely unique and a little mad.

coil woven
coil beginnings
coil woven
Coil woven native grasses and Casuarina
coil woven basket
coil woven Casuarina basket
approx 35cm high
palm inflorescence
palm inflorescence and papyrus
palm inflorescence
random and weft weave palm inflorescence baskets
palm inflorescence
crocheted and random weave palm inflorescence
wall hanging
palm inflorescence
random weave 2 toned basket
Prices vary depending on length of time involved and size of piece.
Worth noting that it can take an hour to start the tiny 50 cent piece size centre on the coil woven items!


paperbark dish
waterproof paperbark dishes
paperbark vases
waterproof paperbark vases
Each paperbark product is unique and lends itself to modern and rustic settings alike.
Originally I started the dishes as a means to show the kokedama but people tend to buy them for other reasons, perhaps to display a single frangipani flower on the table.
For whatever reason I enjoy their quirkiness.

Prices from $5 - $15

moss rock
"Steady Eddy"
Fontinalis antipyretica
moss rock
moss rock
"Sunday morning"
Fontinalis antipyretica & Soleirolia soleirolii
moss rock
Nurtured from volcanic rock and using a particular type of pleurocarpous moss that will eventually envelop the whole rock these are all unique.
They need to stay constantly moist to survive - be warned!

Varying costs from $15 - $50

eggshell art
eggshell art
hand engraved eggshells
eggshell art
hand engraved eggshells

Each egg can take me up to 6 hours to finish. It is then treated to remove all membrane from the inside.
Obviously they take on their own personalities as I make them and certainly no two are the same - a bit like all of us!

What you get:

Each egg comes presented in its own nest of cotton wool within a black and white sturdy box ensuring safe travel.
I can vouch this method has survived an overseas trip however check your quarantine requirements before travelling. Although each has been fully treated to ensure no soft matter remains there are strict rules in some countries.
For display you also get a tiny random weave palm inflorescence nest.

$45 - $65 each