art series; kokedama

I came up with the concept of 'micro-landscaping' the exterior to create miniature scenes, similar to what you would see in my terrariums and mossariums. 

A little green studio is the original birth place of this design!  

The results are striking and care is the same as for any kokedama except, having an added miniature art installation, they require a little extra care around the figures (all are submersible and attached but not meant to be handled roughly).

Each art series kokedama comes with its own mini scene, description of fern used and its own name.
There are three sizes available - small, medium and large. Plants can vary but generally all medium are ferns and the small are Chamaedorea elegans. The large can be either ferns or Ficus retusa microcarpa when in season. 
See below for examples.

If you have a cloche to display your kokedama it is imperative that you refresh the air daily. Avoiding to do so will mean mildew on the wood base and the moss will die. If going away for any longer period I recommend keeping your kokedama out of the cloche or ensuring it is not watered if left inside the cloche.

castaway; kokedama; art series
Chamaedorea elegans small art series
feed the birds; kokedama; art series
"Feed the birds"
Pellaea rotundifolia medium art series
Sunday ride; kokedama; art series
"Sunday Ride"
Pellaea falcata medium art series
art series; kokedama
"Holy Cow!"
Pellaea rotundifolia large art series